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Why outsource your Loan Processing?

  1. Spend time where it counts. 80% of the time spent on an average loan, is spent on tasks that add no value to your client experience
  2. Focus on the 3 critical success drivers. Increase your time spent in high value tasks from 20% to 80%+++
  3. Overcome misguided beliefs. Brokers often don’t let go, because either they believe no one can do it better; or they are too busy doing the tasks to even think about outsourcing

Automated workflows give you:

  • New revenue streams and referrals
  • Compliance
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Instruction and support
  • Flawless execution
  • Time saving

Our system means no more to-do lists or post-it notes:

  • Check in daily for no more anxiety
  • Our dashboard never lets you forget or lose track
  • See all pending tasks, overdue tasks and processes in progress.

How this helps you grow:

More time communicating; less time processing

  • You don’t make friends and connections, tapping keyboards doing data entry
  • Your own on-call loan processing team, as and when needed.
  • No need to worry about housing staff, sick and annual leave.
finweb offers a holistic approach to brokers, embracing not just processing, but stakeholder communication, client feedback and additional service opportunities

All the things we know we should be doing, but don’t have the time to do.

  • Perhaps paying a fee per deal may not work for you.
  • Perhaps the flexibility of a no cost/no win approach will suit better…
  • You can join us as a member to take advantage of these services, and so much more…

Identify a specific loan product in less than 2 minutes and provide your client an indicative offer on the spot.

home loans & commercial finance with a personal touch get a great rate and tailored service with our 60-strong broker network
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