Michael Budge

Mortgage & Finance Broker

I have a genuine interest in helping people achieve their financial goals. My main focus is on achieving a good lending outcome for my clients. I adopt the Customer First Rule as follows – “I place your interests first in my dealings with you. In doing so, I will ensure I recommend a loan which is appropriate (in terms of size and structure), is affordable, is applied for in a compliant manner and meets your set of objectives at the time of seeking the loan.” I treat you like I would a member of my family. I take the time to listen to your situation, understand your needs and then deliver a lending solution which is both appropriate and affordable. I offer you a choice of suitable lenders and any loan recommendation is based on your situation, not my compensation. Areas of Expertise Home Loans
  • Owner Occupier Home Loans
  • Investment Property Loans
  • First Home Buyers
  • Existing Loan Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Mortgage Reduction
  • Car and Personal Loans
  • Reverse Mortgages
  • Self Employed
  • PAYG
Business Loans
  • Vehicle & Equipment Lease Finance
  • Business & commercial Property Loans
  • Working Capital Finance
  • Sales Finance
What I can offer –
  • 14 years broad lending experience. Skills in knowing where to place your loan so that it will have the best chance of being approved.
  • Advice on home and investment property purchases, sourcing low cost mortgage finance, Loan structuring, Mortgage Reduction strategies and on-going Debt Management advice
  • A FREE Property Report on ANY property you currently own or are looking to purchase
  • FREE Guides to download for 1) First Home Buyers, 2) Buying and Selling a Property, 3) Refinancing a Property and 4) for Property Investors
  • Expertise in lending in difficult personal circumstances, ie credit cards maxed out, bad credit history, banks said no, Sheriff knocking on the door, etc
  • A high standard of customer service with a “can do” attitude and professional management of your application from initial enquiry through to settlement and beyond
Michael Budge is an Authorised Credit Representative (CRN 403511) and Kingbud Pty Ltd is a Corporate Credit Representative (CCR 403510) of BLSSA Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence 391237)

Memorable Moment

I had a lady call me to say that her Bank had given she and her husband and their 3 teenage children 30 days to vacate their property. The husband was involved in an accident at work (he fell off a fork lift!) and had not worked for long time. There were other issues as well and all this had resulted in them getting so far behind with their mortgage that the bank had no option to ask them to vacate the premises and the house would be sold. Their repayment history was poor and they also had $87,000 worth of non-mortgage debt which included Credit Cards, Council Rates and School Fees. They had given all their information to another broker 6 months previously and he had done nothing with the file! I negotiated a further 30 day extension to the Notice to Vacate with their existing bank and approached a Debt Negotiator to see if she could assist in reducing the debt. She was very successful and managed to reduce the outstanding debt from $87,000 to $37,000. I approached a non-conforming lender, one who could refinance the reduced non-mortgage debt and their existing mortgage into a new home loan. The client needed an 85% LVR to accommodate this. Fortunately both applicants were long-term employees of their respective employers and this added weight to their application. When I advised the client that her application had been approved, she burst into tears on the phone because a great weight had been lifted off her shoulders. She said that all they wanted to do was to stay in the house. I said that they key to staying in the house was to pay the mortgage on time and I organised the refinance settlement to coincide with the day the husband was paid so that the first call on his pay packet was the mortgage payment! Morale of the story – things are never so bad that they can’t be fixed. All you have to do is find the solution!